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Courtney Dawn Shaw is married to her best friend Jeffrey, and mom to Kingston and Carrington. She is an author, speaker, health advocate, spokesperson, TV/Radio Host of the Authentic Living Show, and Mrs. Florida America 2014-15. You can always catch Courtney out in the community serving, speaking, and hosting charitable events. She is a long-time health advocate and member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. Courtney has impacted countless lives through all forms of media with her message of hope, health, freedom, and passion for living an authentic life in Christ. Her energy, relatability, transparency, and zeal for life is contagious. 

Courtney Dawn Shaw with James Yon

book summary:

How will you reign?

Will you allow anger, envy, hurt, trauma, and regret to rob you of your God-given power or will you allow unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, gratitude, and service towards others to drive you? God gave His creation free will. He wanted us to choose Him and in return receive His everlasting love that heals, frees, makes whole, and empowers us to create lasting change for our good and His glory. We can allow the chains of our past to hold us prisoners or allow grace and truth to awaken the kingdom within and activate our birthright as a child of God. 
Join Courtney on the most worthwhile journey as we learn to:
          •    Reign over our past
          • Activate our faith
          • Stand on the unchanging truth of God’s promises
          • Reign in our health and strength
          • Create healthy boundaries and thrive in our relationships
          • Maximize our moments throughout the day
          • Take new territory
          • Live legacy minded

Get ready to laugh, cry, release, and receive a new chapter in your life. It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new reign in your life as you choose to let go of what was and embrace all that God has called and created you to be. Life is just a series of new beginnings. Instead of resisting change you will be equipped to face new horizons with courage and faith. Your reign begins now.

"How will you reign? How will you live your life out here on earth?" 

"Relationships are the connections that carry us throughout life, and they teach us many valuable lessons along the way" 

"Any time you step out on faith to try something new, it’s so important to ask for the right kind of help."

                             -Courtney Dawn Shaw

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